The main landmarks of Burtons’ St Leonards.


Burton Family Tomb

Looking towards the beach from West Hill Road you can see the old burial ground of St Leonards Parish Church. The Burton family tomb in the shape of a small pyramid is positioned in the middle looking out to sea. This is where the architect himself, his wife and several other members of his family lie.


Crown House

Situated at 57 Marina, the Crown House is one of the most important buildings in Burtons’ St Leonards.

This property was the first building to be erected in St Leonards and served as James Burton’s own villaduring the construction of the town. The timber frame of the building was constructed in London and shipped by sea to St Leonards.

The Duchess of Kent and her daughter Princess Victoria stayed in No.57 during 1834-35 and after they left the building was renamed Victoria House. As Victoria was crowned queen the house was renamed again as Crown House and remains so today.

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