The main landmarks of Burtons’ St Leonards.


Uplands School

The Archery Villas, designed by Decimus Burton, have been used for educational purposes since 1861.

It was used by the Art department of Hastings College until 2006. Planning permission is being sought to convert the Villas into residential apartments.


Archery Road

This is where the Archery Ground once stood and was home to the St Leonards Archers, who were founded in 1833. Princess Victoria presented the Archery Club with a special banner in 1834 and the archers became known as the Queen’s Royal St Leonards Archers after she was crowned queen.

In the 1960s the grand villas on this land were demolished, the gardens bulldozed and the multi storey Hastings College was built. This brutal development amongst others prompted the formation of the Burtons’ St Leonards Society who have campaigned since their inception in June 1970 to conserve Burton buildings and promote quality town planning in the area.


The Mount

The Mount is a crescent of 13 grand houses off Archery Road, built by Decimus Burton. The Crescent arcs around a central tennis court (originally an ornamental garden).

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