The Burtons and Regent’s Park.

In 1815 James Burton was approached by John Nash who was experiencing financial difficulties in carrying out his plan to link Carlton House with the newly created Regent’s Park. Burton agreed to build the remainder of Regent Street and took the prime site in Regent’s Park for his own family villa, The Holme. This was completed in 1818 to a design by his 18 year old son, Decimus.

The grateful Nash then invited James Burton to build some of the terraces around Regent’s Park and commissioned Decimus, now in his early 20s, as the architect of Cornwall and then Clarence Terrace.  Decimus went on to design seven further villas in Regent’s Park. A number of the St Leonards drawings relate to these schemes, with early designs for The Holme and Albany and Grove Lodges.

Regent Street, 1820.
Cornwall Terrace, the first major terrace of Regent’s Park, designed by Decimus Burton.
Plan of Regent’s Park, 1826.
Design for the Royal Botanical Society Gardens in Regent’s Park, by Decimus Burton, 1840.

The Holme, Regent’s Park, designed by Decimus Burton in 1817 as the Burton family villa.
Design for The Holme, garden elevation, Decimus Burton, 1816.