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On the strength of Decimus’ experience at Regent’s Park he became involved in the refurbishment of Hyde Park to set off the King’s home at Buckingham Palace. Decimus designed the paths, drives, lodges and gates including the Arch and Screen at Hyde Park Corner. Also associated with his work in the Park was the building of the parliamentary mews in Storeys Gate opposite Westminster Abbey, since demolished.

When he set up practice in 1823 Decimus worked from offices built by his father in Lower Regent Street. In 1827 he moved to Spring Gardens near Trafalgar Square and this was his base for the rest of his working life. A view of the lobby at Spring Gardens shows Decimus’ taste for Greek vases, antique statuary and gas lighting.

In 1830 he became architect to the new Charing Cross Hospital opposite what is now Charing Cross railway station. In nearby St Martins Place he built premises for the Royal Society of Literature. Fine architectural perspectives of both these buildings are in the Hastings Museum. Decimus’ last great project in London was at Kew Gardens which were transferred from Crown to State in 1841. Here he was involved in the layout, in collaboration with the landscape architect William Andrews Nesfield, and in the design of the spectacular Palm and Temperate Houses.

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Decimus Burton - further London commissions.

Design for a public building in Trafalgar Square by Decimus Burton, 1831.

Architectural perspective of Charing Cross Hospital by Decimus Burton, 1830.

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Decimus Burton - further London commissions.
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