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The Burtons’ St Leonards Society is based at the

south entrance of  St Leonards Gardens in a

listed building called South Lodge.

Contact details for the Society:

Burtons’ St Leonards Society

South Lodge (West)

Maze Hill

St Leonards on Sea

TN38 0BA

Telephone 01424 422090

or the secretary on 01424 421207

Email: FrancJhn@aol.com

Opening times at the Lodge:

Wednesday 11am - 2pm

Saturday 11am - 4pm

Sunday 1pm - 3pm

Where are we?

Burtons’ St Leonards Society

The Society’s aims 
and objectives.
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Who are we? 
Why did we start?
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Quarry House - an example of demolition making way for modern development in the 1960s.
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Our achievements.
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Campaigns we’re involved with.
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Where are we?
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About the society and the work that we do.
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The historic town and the men behind it.
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Take a guided walk around the landmarks.
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Our St Leonards past and present slideshow.
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Get all the details for our next event here.
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Get in touch or even pay us a visit.
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